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Cellular Drones. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
People of the wireless industry, unite.

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oh the heavenly sound of..... dealers [Sep. 16th, 2007|10:06 pm]
People of the wireless industry, unite.

[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |Elliott Smith - XO]

me So there I was, standing at my lovely ergonomic desk that allows me to stand up or sit down (damn the rising desk is amazing) when I get a call. Anytime a person rings in and swears at you, it's always a fun day in happy land. However, when it's  one of your own... it makes you think twice. Now I have nothing against dealers, in fact I have many friends that are, and they kick a lot of ass when it comes to setting things up for customers and showing grandma what a text message REALLY is.  Anyhow.. I digress.

So I have a lovely customer on the line, he's sick... and he's calling in for his girlfriend. She just bought a RIZR at a corporate store earlier that day, and is now bringing it back because she didn't like the color. Now, in the lovely state of California, you have 30 DAYS, to return a handset in like-new condition to get a refund and purchase another handset with the same discount. This assistant manager of a corporate store decided she wanted to make up policy and not take it back, to get a different color of the same phone, due to it being a "vanity exchange". However, first, I decide to be nonchallant, listen to the customer piss and moan about how they're being screwed, until finally realizing that they actually are. I advise them of the buyer's remorse policy and that they can bring it back for a full refund, and I hear in the background our lovely assistant manager letting them both know that they cannot return it to just get a different color... that they have to buy a completely new model. 

Now sure, I can see where it's a bit retarded to take back a phone based on its color, especially since you get to see the phone prior to you taking it home, but everybody gets the option of this lovely idea. I ask for the manager to get on the line, and i literally wait 10 minutes before they get her out of the back room. (apparently she decided to abandon them in the front of the store for some reason) I call the corporate store (gosh i love footprint memos with dealer codes) and I get her on the line, asking her about the situation, and informing her of policy that is being upheld by the entire united states for our lovely mobile company. She advises me that her regional retail manager told her that she cannot accept an upgrade and give them the same type of phone but in a different color, for it being a vanity exchange. Now, since I've had a lot of time to dig through everything in our resources... I try to find ANYTHING regarding, or even ambiguously referencing a "vanity exchange". NADA. I place the customer on hold to find my new team manager, who was a retail store manager for 6 years to make sure that the left hand wasn't sharing something with the right hand. Nope. 

I make sure to go the extra mile and ask the representative if the phone is in good condition, and if there is any reason why the phone should not be returned. "oh no, they can return it... just not get the same model in a different color"  *blinks* 

"So let me get this straight, I want to make sure i'm perfectly clear... They can return the handset and get another one of the same color and model, and that's fine... right?"
"they can return the handset and get a COMPLETELY different model with their same discount, is that right?"
"But they can't return the handset and get the same one, but in a different color"
"That's our store's policy"
"Well, this is corporate policy... "read the policy verbatim*"
"That doesn't matter, my regional manager out ranks you"
"not in this matter, he doesn't. Can I have his name please?"
*gets all information* 
"alright, thank you. Our customer is returning the handset and going to another store. I'll be assisting them from their handset. Thank you for being a part of the family, have a great day"

So, in resolution, I tell the customer to just return the phone while i call another corporate store so they can get the phone. While they're returning it, I hear the A.M. say "just so you know, you're not going to get the same price for that phone at another store." 

*flames come spouting forth from eye sockets*

Me: "Um sir, just so you're aware, she's lying and there is the phone that you want waiting at another location. We're going to be doing a full investigation with this representative and i'm really REALLY sorry."
Cust: "You are the MAN! I'm SICK... I get up to help my girlfriend out, and I can tell by the look on her face that you put her in her place."
Me: *random gesture at my desk of "hell yeah*

Bah. That was a very looong internal audit form I filed to report her. I even got an ad-hoc break for it too! But seriously... our customers have a hard enough time following the directions on returning a handset for an exchange... they don't need anybody at a company owned store messing with their mojo.

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(no subject) [May. 1st, 2007|01:17 pm]
People of the wireless industry, unite.
I used to have Verizon. Verizon was easy... but the service sucked. The phone didn't work at home or at work... or on the way to and from home and work. Who wants a phone that doesn't work? So I switched to Sprint. Sprint's service has been great. But... now that I'm researching new phones I'm confused. When you upgrade a Verizon phone, you get any offer they have advertised in the store. You can't get those offers unless your time is up... that's it. For Sprint, you get an (up to) $150 rebate. The advertised price has "instant savings" listed and a $100 rebate. Is this the same rebate I'm already getting? Is it additional? Do I get the "instant savings" too? I would really like to walk into the store tonight knowing what I'm getting, but I can't if I don't know what it's going to cost me! HELP!
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A good start? [Jan. 26th, 2007|12:33 am]
People of the wireless industry, unite.

[mood |amusedamused]

New user... figured I'd start off with a bang

Simple background: I work in Inbound Receivables for a rather large, well known company. Who they are will be evident, but I'll not state the name specifically due to legally signed nondisclosure agreements.

You know the deal. :)

Sometimes, people can just be... ugh.

ME = A good, honest, religious boy who really does give a hoot, really. It's not my fault you're an asshat who makes me not give a flying... yeah. Now note... I've been told by formerly-angry clients that I've got one of those 'God why can't you just sound like an ass so I can hate you' voices.
PB = Psychopathic... do I really need to explain?

Cut to protect SanityCollapse )

And then her issue?

"Why does your system say I have only 700 minutes on my plan! I'm paying $59 for the 3000 minute family plan! And where are my f***ing Rollover Minutes? And what's this shit about roaming? You say on your ads there's no Nationwide Roaming!"

Damn. I would /love/ to find /anyone/ who had that kind of rate plan. Especially a plan active for five years. When we only added those two features to plans 2 years ago. And she's refused to change her rate plan because it would require that she change from her old TDMAs to GSM lines (We're trying to completely phase out TDMA) -- notated in her file.

And since even the old plans have 3000 at about $125-$150 even 4-5 years ago?

"Hold on a sec... I'll get you over to Customer Service."

Transfer. Byeee!
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For Sale! [Jan. 16th, 2007|02:37 pm]
People of the wireless industry, unite.
I am selling a Kyocera KX5 Remix and a LG VX8100. The Remix is hosted by Alltel and is unlocked (I am also including the lock code on the phone with the purchase) and the LG is hosted by Verizon also unlocked (again, I am including the lock code with the phone when it is shipped after purchase).

Please don't hesitate to check the phones out! Though I made a statement about the Remix's inbox/texting complications, the complication was resolved when I purchased a new phone and the KX5 was reformatted.

Thanks! X-Posted to saf45!
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Rumors? [Jan. 12th, 2007|12:32 am]
People of the wireless industry, unite.

Anyone know anything about Alltel merging with another carrier? I live in Arkansas where Alltel is based out of, and it is all over the news here...
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(no subject) [Nov. 9th, 2006|10:48 am]
People of the wireless industry, unite.

I had to call mall security last night.  I never call security. I HATE calling security. I always think they're going to tell me to deal with it myself or something but this guy really made me angry last night and the guys weren't around to help. Trust me, I have nothing against black people but... he was a HUGE black guy with dreadlocks, and pants down to his knees, a huge gold necklace on... he just looked like a "thug", y'know? He had bought a case for his phone less than a month ago and wanted to return it. Fine. Except, the case was terribly worn out, the metal part of the clip was poking through, there were scratches on it, it was all squished and not holding its shape, and the inside was fuzzy and worn. I tried to explain to him that I couldn't take it back and re-sell it, so unfortunately I couldn't give him a refund. He FLIPPED on me. He started yelling that we had sold it to him in that condition, I explained that they did not come in from head office like that. He had already had it for almost a month, I asked why he hadn't brought it back sooner if that was the case and he got even more angry. He said he had no kids to ruin his things, etc, and that it wasn't his fault. I told him again that I could not re-sell it. Again, he said "is that my fault?". I said yes. He broke it. It looked like it had been run over or something. Finally he said, "listen, lady, just give me my money back okay?". I politely said no. He said I wasn't listening to him. I said "no, you're not listening to me, I said no". I told him if he wanted to take it up with the manager, he could, but the manager would not tell him any different. He got really angry, went out into the hall, started yelling "DON'T GO IN THERE, THEY'LL RIP YOU OFF!!!" and left. Keri and I were both near tears, but he was gone, it was all good.

About 5 minutes later I had gone into the back room to calm down and get some water and I was watching the video camera screen and I saw him come back in. So I waited to see if maybe he had come back to apologize or something but no. I was all the way in the back and I could hear him start yelling at Keri. So I grabbed my cell and called security (YAY for speed dial!) and asked if they could just walk by the store cuz we might be having a problem with a customer. George, from security, said not a problem, he was almost in front of our store already. So I came out into the front, George was walking around in front of the store and came in when he heard the customer yelling. He asked if there was a problem, the customer said no and went back to yelling at Keri. So George kinda hung around the store for a couple minutes, looking at phones and stuff, and another security guard hung around at the front of the store until the guy finally gave up and left. As he was leaving, Keri said "and I'd appreciate it if you didn't come back into our store if all you're going to be is rude to us!" It was the awesomest thing ever! Even George was like "good job, Keri!". After he left, we explained to security what had happened. He wasn't nearly as bad the second time with security being there but when he had first come in I thought he was going to jump over the counter and come after us. It was scary. For the rest of the night, I kept watching the hallway to make sure he didn't walk by. Bah. I hate customers. I try not to cry, when customers yell at me I don't take it personally at all, even if they call me stupid, etc. but sometimes it's just SCARY. When we closed the store a couple minutes later and I left, I checked the parking lot real good before I ran like mad out to my car. It was dark, and my car was almost the only car left. I hate the parking lot at night, especially right after having a customer like that. I always wonder if he could be waiting for me at the entrance or something. 

I don't know if any of you work retail, but if you do, do you or would you have trouble calling security for something like that? I know you weren't there to see how he was acting, but do you think I over-reacted at all? I mean it's one thing to come in and yell at us, we put up with it every day... but to come in a second time just to argue some more? We shouldn't have to put up with that, right?

Sometimes I miss working at Bell Mobility customer service over the phone just because customers can't kill me there. 
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(no subject) [Oct. 22nd, 2006|11:40 am]
People of the wireless industry, unite.

Okay, I've got a question for all of you...

I just recently won a Blackberry Pearl... and I was thinking about switching it for the Nokia E62 to get the full keypad. It's also $80 cheaper for cost to the store and I'd be able to put that towards buying something else. The problem is we haven't sold too, too many of the E62s and haven't had much feedback. When I checked our compare sheet the only difference is the camera.

Have you heard good things about the Nokia E62? What would you pick between the E62 and the Pearl? I know the E62 is a lot bigger but size doesn't matter to me :D
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Cellphone Etiquettes [Oct. 16th, 2006|08:11 pm]
People of the wireless industry, unite.
A must read for people with cellphone.

"Talk At A Normal Tone

Many cellphone users think that it is some how better to shout into a cellphone. Apparently they perceive higher voice levels with a better cellphone signal strength. Rather than shouting, when you can't hear the other person, why not go outside or in a area with a better signal strength?

Choose The Vibrate Mode Over Ringer

I can not see any situation, apart from broadcasting your latest downloaded ringtone, that would compel you to choose the ringer over the vibration mode. The vibration mode does the same thing that the ringer was originally intended for, it alerts you when you have an incoming call, however unlike the ringer this mode is less annoying.

Remove The Earpiece

Another annoyance is the number of cellphone users who insist on talking with you while having their ear piece on. You are consistently being placed on hold in mid conservation only to hear the ramblings of another semi-private conversation. If you have to take the call, at the very least notify the other party, that way there is no awkwardness. There is nothing worse than trying not to make eye contact with someone across from you who is not talking to you."

Cellphone Etiquettes
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Oh restocking fees! [Oct. 11th, 2006|11:44 pm]
People of the wireless industry, unite.

[mood |coldcold]

Customer: I have this phone I need to send back, am I still in time?
Me: *grabs calendar* It's been 119 days since we performed the exchange, I'm sorry, you will not be receiving credit for the restocking fee. You had 90 days to send it back.
Customer: But here's my long-winded story for an excuse! I told someone else to drop the box off at the Post Office! Only they didn't and they left it in the car and told the they sent it in! Then I asked again and they said they did but they didn't again! Then they did send it in but they changed the address on the box, so it got returned to my friend's mother's house in Ohio and I'm in NEW YORK! I'm going there next week to get it so I can mail it personally, can't you waive the fee?
Me: Sorry, no, you had 90 days and there will be no credit issued even if you send it back today.
Customer: But what do they do with the phone if I send it back?
Me: It's dismantled to diagnose the problem and the parts are used for refurbs.
Customer: So they can take apart the phone but they can't credit the money back?
Me: No, I do apologize.
Customer: But my wife got an extension!
Me: I see where your wife called in on August 31 about the bill, and we also filed research on the phone, but there was no extension given. We do not issue extensions on returning handsets.
Customer: But she got an exteeeeenssssioooon...
Me: It's not noted on the account
Customer's wife: I got an extension! You're being unreasonable! I want to cancel! RAAAAR!
Me: I'm sorry to hear that, let me get you an account specialist who can assist you with that.

That's the very condensed, highly paraphrased version of a 30-40 minute call that ended my night tonight. At least they had already paid the restocking fee. I could give a damn if they cancel. I should have written down the account number so I could check back to see if they actually got the credit, but it's doubtful, since the rep I introduced them to was pretty much in agreement as I gave her the summary of the call as it had happened. God I love cell phones sometimes.

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(no subject) [Sep. 16th, 2006|04:53 pm]
People of the wireless industry, unite.

[mood |crankycranky]

Dear Mr Person With Twenty-Some Phones

I don't care if you threaten to cancel your service with Rogers because you don't like the answers I am giving you. You cancelling does not directly affect me in any way. I will not stop eating or lose any sleep about it. I could care less. In fact, I'd rather have you cancel than actually have you as a regular customer because you are annoying and rude. So please, go to some other carrier. PLEASE... be their problem, not mine. Just because you have over 20 lines doesn't mean I have to give you anymore when your credit check comes back declined. You were late on 99% of your payments and at times your phones have been shut off due to non-payment. I don't care if it's your accountant's fault. I don't care if this is the first you hear of it. I will not be giving you another line. I don't understand why you got even more pissed off when I smiled and said "have a nice day". So here's the number for the cancellation department. I sure wish I had the money to pay off the cancellation fees you'll have on your next bill. Can I have some of that?

Your friendly Rogers dealer
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