Cellular Drones.

People of the wireless industry, unite.
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Are you a wireless drone?

Chances are you've confused family and friends with terms such as GSM, CDMA or iDEN. Websites like phonescoop.com are your personal bible, and you inwardly groan when someone doesn't know what bluetooth is. After all, doesn't everyone?

We are inside sales, telesales, customer service, and technical support. We know more about the way the average cell phone works than most people know about the way the average anything works. Our jobs have made us technical junkies whether we like it or not.

I'm your friendly moderator, wbatpoaginar. I probably won't moderate, unless you make me. I definitely won't make any rules, unless you make me. Whether you be Bubblegum, Eyesore (Orange & Blue), Bumblebee, Big Red, and our newest national contender Patriotic, we're all in this together. Unless of course, we're stealing each others customers.

Your not so friendly co-mod is smokedglass7429. He probably won't do anything either, and he's more bark than bite. Mostly.